Adore Technical Training Institute along with our partner Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET are fully committed to serve you better, throughout our partnership, we are however independent of each other. Therefore, ATTI have no control over the internal processes of Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET examinations which includes their assessment date, exam results, and the issuing they’re certificates.

The turn around time as it relates to Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET assessment and certification is solely responsible by Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET, however, our responsibility is to liaison with the responsible Officer from Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET to ensure that the process proceed smoothly in an organized and professional manner and to update the students on each step of their assessment and certification process.

As a quality assurance measure, Adore Technical Training Institute aims for a 99.9% success rate / passes in the heart trust NTA final examinations. Therefore, you will be provided with course work throughout the Programme, at the end you will be administered a final examination, which decides if you’re able to sit the heart trust NTA/ NCTVET exam. If you fail Adore Technical Training Institute final examination , you have the option to resist which acquires a fee, based on the type of exam, to resist the theory exam comes at a cost of four thousand dollars and to resist practical exam is eight thousand dollars, If you FAIL Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET examination you will NOT be certified, however you would have to option to resist the exam which unfortunately is not conducted by Adore Technical Training Institute but solely by Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET.

Upon successful passes in both ATTI & Heart trust NTA/NCTVET examinations, the turnaround time to receive certificate from Adore Technical Training Institute is up to six weeks after the Programme has ended, and the turnaround time to receive certificate from the Heart Trust NTA/NCTVET is within six months or upwards after the Programme has ended.